GCS recruits through a Pan India and global network of professional channels to identify a workforce with proven expertise in your most critical fields.

Whether you are looking into managing a complete recruitment solution or one individual, project workers, we at GCS bring technical expertise and a consultative approach to ensure the whole process runs smoothly.


*Oil & Gas (Offshore & Onshore) *EPC *Marine *Ship Building *Construction *Transportation *Terminals *OEM *Automobile *Manufacturing *Engineering Services *Petrochemical *Fertilizers *Power *EMS *Information Technology *Aerospace *Telecommunication *Logistics *Retail *FMCG/ FMCD *Healthcare *Hospitality *Pharma *Water treatment *Chemical *Environmental



GAIA Honchos is one of our customized service to discover talent through our creative and informative methods which includes Head hunting, Executive search, Media advertising, search in GCS Data base and informal networking. It also includes

  • Senior Leadership hiring
  • Hiring of Middle and Junior level Talents
    • We have an extensive and comprehensive data base of professionals across skills, verticals and Industry.
    • We also provide end to end services like design and development of advertisements, media planning, co-ordination, screening and short listing of profiles, preliminary interviews and help clients to conclude final selection.
    • As a value added service, we also help our clients to do traits and personality profiling assessment of candidates to find that the candidates are culturally and emotionally fit to the role.


GCS provides Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model that guides you through the challenging process discovering opportunities and discovering talent.

Our state of the art methodologies create a total RPO solution that

  • Concentrate HR resources on core competencies
  • Focus HR resources on tasks that impact the bottom line
  • Enhances the effectiveness of your corporate recruitment process
  • Reduce “time-to-hire” radically
  • Provide “services on demand”
  • Reduce time spent resolving support issues
  • Improve HR services

3. GCS Campus Bridging

GCS Campus Bridging enables end to end campus hiring strategies for our clients:
It includes

  • Helping the client to Identify institutions / B Schools
  • Arranging for face to face interaction with students and assessing their interest
  • Helping the client to identify right talent through tailor made aptitude test / Group discussion, face to face interview and final selection
  • Induction and orientation

If required, we also help the client to develop a training module for Graduate Trainees, conducting the programme, periodical assessment and final assessment

4. GCS Consulting

GCS Consulting is yet another specialised service that is provided to our valuable clients on flexible and innovative HR Strategies, Systems and Polices

  • Bench Marking Study among comparator basket chosen by the client
  • Evaluation of the study and helping the client to choose the right solutions/ strategies/ systems/ policies.
  • Draft proposal and Final preparation for signing off
  • Rolling out through cascade communication and help the client to make it way of life inside the organisation

5. GCS Payroll Administration

GCS Payroll is our customised service that enables our clients out-source their payroll procedures and processes which includes entire activities related to Management and Administration of Employee Payrolls.

  • Developing customised payroll software for the client
  • Capturing the input for payroll process
  • Processing the payroll and ensure timely deposit of payment
  • Compliance with legal requirements concerning Salaries & Wages Administration – ESI, PF, IT, Bonus etc.
  • Developing and processing any productivity linked incentive payment

6. GCS Contract Administration

GCS cater to companies involved in major projects and organisations that may be facing increased workload or headcount. We assist such clients by recruiting staff for the project and overseeing the administrative and logistic requirements throughout the agreed term.

7. GCS Temporary Staffing

Once seen as simply a means to replace a staff members' absence from the workplace, changes over recent decades have changed the profile of the traditional workforce.

GCS backs temporary employees 100% - and we stand by it.

8. GCS Corporate Communication

GCS delivers dynamic individuals with a passion to excel. We offer careers starting from junior level positions for those with two to three years’ relevant experience, to specialists and management professionals with a depth of experience in e-commerce, journalism, promotions, merchandising, marketing, advertising, brand management, graphic design, communications, event management or sponsors.

We recognize the value of experience gained within other specialist industries such as FMCG, Advertising and Retail, working with large blue chip organisations on an international scale.

*Corporate Social Relation *Training (Media Relation for Senior Executive)*Soft Skills Training *Industrial Relation * Psycho-metric Test are other rising trends in HR consulting where
GCS has forged ahead in the recent times.

9. GCS Connect

GCS Connect is yet another special and tailored service offered by GCS to our valuable clients on Compliance Management.

  • Statutory Audit and findings to identify the gap in adherence
  • Being a one stop solution to our customers to ensure that it is a legal compliant organisation.
  • Up-dation on Amendments, Maintenance of records, filing returns
  • Offering legal assistance in resolving any issues relating to Labour Acts.
  • Representing the client before any Arbitration / Conciliation / Adjudication

10. GCS Green

GCS Green is another special and tailored service offered by GCS to our valuable clients on launching green field project.

  • Services relating to commissioning a new factory – It includes Statutory compliance, Manpower engagement, facilities management, welfare, Safety and health of employees
  • Helping the client to meet the Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Development of Organisation Structure for a new factory

11. GCS Develop

GCS Develop is yet another value added service we offer to help the client to do Role mapping exercise thereby developing the talent pool.

  • Development of Job Description and study of parity between the jobs
  • Competency mapping exercise based on Job Description.
  • Helping the client to identify gaps
  • Development of appropriate and customized training programmes to bridge the gap and conducting the programmes
  • Periodical evaluation of the training programmes to assess the effectiveness of the training programmes.