Pivotal Job Title: Senior Piping Design Engineer


Job purpose:
The Senior Piping Design Engineer is responsible for effectively planning, controlling and delegating responsibilities within a project team, and monitoring project progress in order to deliver the necessary Piping design output, on schedule, within budget and to the complete satisfaction of the Client.

Reporting lines and interactions:

Functionally reports to: Head of Department – Piping
Operationally reports to: Head of Department – Piping
Directly supervises (operationally):.
Key interactions (internally, externally):

Job scope (budget, management, specific criteria):


  1. Administratively and technically manages all piping personnel under his responsibility.
  2. Provides his engineering expertise as accumulated from other projects to all team members and serves as a guide on technical issues
  3. Defines manpower requirement at the beginning of the project and any such additional requirements during the project
  4. Responsible for leave planning of all staff working on a project
  5. Undertakes work distribution and coordination activities with specialists and Area Leads
  6. Provides piping input for proposals and projects as well as close-out reports.
  7. Ensures that all methods, procedures and coordination with other disciplines are rigorously applied.
  8. Participates in meetings and assists the project in what relates to technical matters and relationships with clients/vendors and contractors.
  9. Ensures that project schedules are met within the budgeted man-hours
  10. Follows up the Isometrics production curve and identifies bottlenecks; Proposes solutions to maintain schedules
  11. Supervises the day to day work of the Piping group to reach the required productivity level
  12. Assumes focal point responsibility for the smooth flow of required information to the Piping group.
  13. Ensures that the progress monitoring system is implemented on a regular basis.
  14. Participates during key project reviews, plot plan reviews, Hazop / SIL reviews, constructability reviews and Design/model review meetings.
  15. Assists the Project Engineering Manager and the Project Engineers on technical coordination of interfaces and identification of potential deviations or discrepancies.
  16. Ensures, in liaison with the Piping Department head, the integration of feedback, statistics and lessons learnt on the project (including site feedback) in the Department knowledge management base.
  17. As Lead engineer, delegates part of responsibilities to a Deputy Lead engineer who shall assist the Lead Engineer in carrying out his responsibilities and will be the Acting Lead Engineer in absence of the Lead Engineer.
    18 Prepares and issues project close-out report.
  18. Prepares and issues project close-out report.
  19. Contributes towards, maintaining and implement both company and client HSE Management System objectives and procedures, as specified in GWP A 302 -16 2 and the HSE Manual 1357 A - HSEM – 2
  20. Complies with the applicable company procedures for the Engineering Department and the Piping Discipline as they are documented in DWP A 302 - 02, and DWP A 353-01 respectively, as well as those procedures in the references listed therein.


Educational Degrees and Certifications
University or Higher Education: BSc in Mechanical Engineering

Minimum Time of Related Experience:

- Extensive expertise in Piping Design/Engineering on major oil/gas offshore and onshore projects in the capacity of Lead or Principal Engineer from proposal stage thru EPC phase.

- Besides experience in managing Piping projects with a group of specialist Engineers and Designers familiarity in piping material application, stress analysis and CAD-3D Design environment is essential.

- Piping - Layout, design, control, coordination: 10 years

- Preparation of Tender documentation: 3 years