Senior Instrumentation & Control Engineer

Reporting lines and interactions:
Functionally reports to: Head of Discipline - Instrumentation & Control
Operationally reports to: Project Manager, Engineering Manager, Lead Discipline Engineer

Job Scope :
The Senior Instrumentation and Control Engineer is primarily engaged in the design, modeling, and analysis of I & C
engineering requirements on a project, tender or proposal, as per client standards, TPAD standards, and project scope of work. He reports functionally to the Head of Discipline and operationally to one or more Project / Engineering Managers.

Key Responsibilties
Be it in the context of preparation for a tender / proposal or involvement in a project as Discipline or Lead Engineer,
the key responsibilities of the Senior Engineer are:

1 Planning and executing Instrumentation engineering design for field instrumentation, Distributed Control System
(DCS), Supervisory control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Integrated Control System (ICS), Fire and Gas, Safety
Instrumented Systems (SIS) and Telecommunications systems. This entails the preparation of basic design , FEED
and detailed design of the instrumentation and controls part of the project, such as:

  - Control & Operations Philosophy
- Schedule and Cost Estimates
- Approved Vendor List
- EPIC Scope of Work, Schedule and Cost Estimates
- Basis of Design document
- Architecture Diagrams
- Functional Specifications
- Telecommunication System
- Technical Bid Evaluations
- Review of instrumentation drawings
- Construction Scope of Work
- Review of drawings from other Disciplines. Design review procedures are as per GWP A302-08.
- Specific design procedures for the Instrumentation & Control Design Checking practice are as defined in GE A3

2 Ensuring that the design is carried out as per the industry standard practices and in conformance with the quality
management system of TPAD
3 Document Control: This entails the development / update of the Document Register with accurate progress
information on a regular basis. Each Lead Discipline Engineer is responsible for the discipline filing system for the
project. He / she selects useful documentation and data at the end of the project and includes these in the Department
main filing system. Document Control procedures are defined in GWP A302-06 and GWP A302-10
4 Co-ordination with Project and client, subcontractors and/or suppliers
5 Providing technical support to site engineers on technical query issues
6 Coordination with client engineers on Instrumentation engineering issues
7 Providing support in the Instrumentation area for procurement activities
8 Assisting in the preparation of project proposals and pre-qualification documents in what relates to Instrumentation
engineering design.
9 Identification of issues that impede project progress and reporting to Project Managers and Discipline Heads
10 Contributing towards, maintaining and implementing both company and client HSE Management System objectives
and procedures, as specified in GWP A 302 -16 2 and the HSE Manual 1357 A - HSEM - 2
11 Providing site engineering support, as well as other inter-disciplinary support should the requirement arise (e.g.
Inspection or Procurement technical support).
12 Assimilating the evolution of new products and technology, and updating oneself on the latest international standards
in terms of engineering design practices and their applications;
13 Identifying new methodology of work process required for higher productivity.
14 Complying with the applicable company procedures for the Engineering Department and the Instrumentation and
Control Discipline as they are documented in DWP A 302 - 02, and DWP A 392-01 respectively, as well as those
procedures in the references listed therein.
15 As Lead Discipline Engineer, when assigned on projects, responsible for managing the team of engineers,
designers, and delivering the engineering requirements of the project as listed in the responsibilities section above.
In general, the Lead Instrumentation Engineer is also responsible for:

  - Coordination with Project Managers / Lead Engineers from other Disciplines for the inter-disciplinary
tasks as stated in Protocol General Section 1.3 and in GWP A 151-10.
- Planning and implementation of the Project to ensure that deliverables are issued on schedule, project
milestone dates are met, and given tasks are completed within the allowed budget.
- Technical and administrative management of the engineers / designers / draftsmen team, and
Assignment and co-ordination of activities within the team to execute the design / procurement related
activities of assigned projects
- Close-out of the project and issue of the Close Out Report and the list of Lessons Learned.

16 As QMR, whenever assigned, responsible to ensure that the TPAD quality system is understood by Discipline
members, and that the Quality Management System is implemented, participate in Quality Audits, and present quality
focus topics to the discipline personnel.
17 As focal point for proposals, whenever assigned, responsible to ensure that all inputs and resources for proposals
are coordinated, all budgets and schedules are met, and all strategies and manpower estimates are approved by the
HOD prior to submission.

Work experience: 10+
Education Level: Bachelor Degree